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Www.atprime.com ("AtPrime!"), is one of the leading Pre-Retirement and Finance Web services designed to serve the more than 100 Million Americans covered In the America Private, State and Governmental Retirement Systems.

AtPrime! provides free membership for its basic service, and, economy subscriptions for its (1) Compare and Rank, (2) Market Research, as well as, (3) On Demand Database Download applications.

AtPrime! produces its own content.

AtPrime!'s audience content is balanced for gender.

AtPrime! (www.atprime.com) is a "specialty portal" site containing unique feature Information created and produced by leading qualified retirement plan ( example: 401(k), Defined benefit Plans) experts, and, is targeted for the pre-retirement financial audience.

www.atprime.com authored, in conjunction with its affiliate National Retirement Programs, Inc., the Pension Inspector, which provides seven (7) year Plan Financial Performance Results with Ratings for more than 2,400,000 plans contained in the Plan Sponsor attested Department of Labor Form 5500 database covering more than $ 10 trillion Qualified Retirement Fund Assets..

The Pension Inspector is one of the leading financial tools to ascertain qualified Plan Performance, Alerts, and Research and Ratings which was created for the Entry Level, or, the Advanced user. The Pension Inspector Free Edition is free to Atprime Members. AtPrime Media, Inc. will not sell the names of Members for third party solicitation .

The Pension Inspector, Inc. Compare and Rank, Market Research Editions, and On Demand Database Download Editions require an economy priced yearly subscription. Subscriptions are divided into Individual and Professional levels.

www.atprime.com was founded in 2001 by retirement plan Enrolled Actuary expert David J. Tananbaum, one of the founding members of the American Society of Pension Professional and Actuaries (ASPPA). Mr. Tananbaum is a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries, and, a Fellow of the Conference of Consulting Actuaries

Mr. Tananbaum has more than 40 yers of experience Certifying Qualified Plan Valuations and preparing and supervising required governmental forms..

Www.atprime.com is owned and operated by AtPrime Media, Inc. AtPrime Media, Inc.



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