UNCLAIMED FUNDS: A Bonanza For Your Retirement

Do You Have Money Due To You From Your Prior Retirement Plan ?

Here is your opportunity to take control of your vested dollar benefit and receive a non-taxable distribution from your previous Employer’s Retirement Plan if you rollover your funds to your IRA, an excellent strategy for Retirement Planning.

If your predecessor Employer Plan provided for a pre retirement distribution to you, and you were vested to some degree, the money is yours -- just for the asking! Its like found money!

There are thousands of cases where employees who were participants in an employer sponsored retirement plan (i.e. 401(K) Plan, Profit Sharing Plan) have terminated their employment and haven’t taken their money in cash or moved it into another retirement account after leaving the company. Often employers can no longer locate former employees in order to pay them out, leaving a pocketful of unclaimed funds.

All you have to do is go to http://www.unclaimedretirementbenefits.com and input your Social Security Number.  If the Plan has filed with the Department of Labor (which is what it is required to do) your vested amount.. the money is yours.

Once again, to avoid immediate taxation on your distribution, you must Rollover your funds to an accredited IRA, and bolster your financial security.


How Do I Get Money Owed to Me?
To access your unclaimed funds, simply enter your Social Security number on the Search page and search our database for any nationwide matches. If there are any matches you will be shown which employer(s) may be holding retirement money on your behalf. You will then be asked to provide your current contact information so that this employer may contact you about your found money and make arrangements to have you paid out. Once you enter your contact information, an email will be automatically sent to the employer(s) with your new contact information notifying them that you are interested in obtaining your money. They will then send you benefit election forms that you can fill out to instruct your former employer what to do with your money. Good preliminary personal financial planning is the key to good retirement planning.


Why Should Employees Use This Service?
This is a simple and free way for former employees to determine whether there are any retirement plan funds out there that belong to them. Not only that, but we’ll do all the work for you. Once you have performed a search and found retirement money that belongs to you, we’ll notify each of the companies holding that money and email them your new contact information for you. We perform this free service for many such participants with IRA accounts annually.

What Is a Missing Participant (IRA)?

A missing participant is an individual who has an account balance or accrued benefit under a qualified plan and has terminated his/her employment with the plan sponsor; but has failed to provide the employer or third party administrator with a current or forwarding address. Thus, a Missing Participant IRA is an IRA account set up on behalf of the missing participant in order to preserve his/her retirement assets until they are claimed by the participant or his/her estate.




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